11th May 2016

Simon D Maxton, Development Executive Tesco 
“Steve and his team carried out extensive research and provided background information to enable us to prepare a more targeted acquisition strategy. Following on from the initial research, he was able to help build a Community Engagement Plan, in the towns where we were to pursue the strategy, providing a clear understanding of the issues in each town. He also monitored the internet and kept me informed of local issues, complaints and social media campaigns, thus helping the team to avoid major problems. Steve is clever and hard-working and I can strongly recommend him.

Kate Winter, APMG International
“Steve is an experienced marketeer who is able to turn his hand to a variety of tasks. He is able to think strategically and has good ideas. He doesn’t mind getting stuck in to the work – it’s his helpful and calm attitude that makes working with him a pleasure. He very versatile and his input is insightful and considered. I recommend him most highly.”

Alan Wroxley, NEC UK Ltd
“Over a period of five years Steve was our main supplier of marketing and PR services at NEC projector division, creating direct mail, advertisements, specification sheets and range brochures for us. I worked closely on projects with Steve several times, with an increase in sales each time as a result. He is exceptionally creative, and able to bring a perspective that others would struggle to find. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Charlie Thelu, Purchasing for Profit Ltd
“After struggling to finalise our website, we decided to hire Steve to help us achieve this. His input, however, was much more than just the website. He helped us develop our sales proposition, service definitions, elevator pitch and structure all these elements into a coherent and clear website. Basically, he helped us focus on the key important and relevant messages rather than the details which were preventing us from moving forward. He is very personable and the way he worked with us was straight forward and efficient. We’ve used him again and recommended him to some of our clients and associates and would have no hesitation in continuing to do so.”

Daryl Brennan, Steljes (now at Fusion Technologies)
“Steve played a key, pivotal and strategic role in establishing SMARTboard interactive whiteboards as the UK’s leading interactive whiteboard solution and Steljes as the leading UK distributor bring new technologies to market. He is conscientious and hardworking with a good sense of humour and enjoyable to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a valuable asset to any company looking for a dynamic, senior and strategic PR and marketing resource.”

Mark Beaumont, Director at Ripple Technologies
Steve is fantastic at really understanding the view of your customers and the view of you the client. Then coming up with clear messages and strategies to assist in the growth of your PR, Marketing, Sales and ultimately of course, your business. Steve is on the top of my list for people I would trust. I recommend Steve personally and for business.”

Ian Sempers, Managing Director, Medium UK
“Steve and his team designed our website to be fully database- driven so that we can change product information across the whole site at the touch of a button. We have had very positive feedback from our customers who use the website regularly.”

Mitt Nathwani, Product Manager, Turningpoint
“Steve has done a variety of work for Turningpoint working under difficult time constraints.”We’ve been very impressed with his ‘can-do’ attitude and he has always come up with solutions instead of problems.”