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Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice







Last week I presented a talk on Growing your Business. One of the key points in the section on PR and Social Media was that was that your blog is your base on the internet and as such is your voice into the marketplace. Afterwards, a few people asked me about this question of “Voice.”

The experience for a lot of people publicising themselves online is this.

They have spent money on their website and it looks great. They use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, for example posting pictures of their team at events and exhibitions, together with details about where they are exhibiting and occasional special offers. Some people also retweet other people who they respect. But they still don’t get new customers and increased sales.

What are they doing wrong?

The answer is they have no voice. Most people take initial steps into promoting their businesses, but only go ankle deep and no further. They don’t feel confident about blogging, so they don’t make the most of the good work they have done by writing case studies and publicising them. People definitely feel worried about talking to the press, because they don’t know what stories they could tell and whether the journalists would be interested,

They don’t post on You Tube (the second biggest search engine after google) because they don’t know how best to do it and what to say, and they don’t comment on other people’s web posts so they have no presence in the online groups and forums, where lots of their potential customers are.

Your blog is your online base and the nucleus of your communications; it is your personality, your character and your truth.

Your website tells people about your products and services, but without a blog, or any personal presence, such as interviews and articles in the media (both traditional and web based) you don’t have a voice in the market.

What do I mean by voice?

Your voice is the way you present your business to the outside World.

It is your opinion on the major issues facing your industry with a few suggestions of how they can be resolved, especially if it’s relevant to the products and services you sell.

It is your way of telling potential customers that you know what you are doing, have done it before, and that you are a safe pair of hands for their budget.

It is your way of sharing anecdotes (case studies) of how you have helped people in the past.

It is an opportunity to offer tips and advice for free in order to help people.

It is about your “Value Proposition.”

Your Value Proposition is different from your USP or Unique Selling Point.

It is about the benefits of working with you and the value of those benefits compared to the cost of purchase.

Defining your Value Proposition is essential to find new customers. Its not about selling your product to a customer but how you can meet their needs, how you can serve them for a price they are happy to pay because it represents good value.

What is your brand identity? What are your objectives and plans for growth? What is your voice and value proposition?

Once you have answered these questions you can communicate your story to your blog visitors, to key press targets, to relevant industry bloggers and directly to potential customers.

This is where the PR comes in: the ability to write compelling copy, the skill to successfully phone journalists and sell your ideas for case studies, interviews or articles and the imagination to create exciting events and news stories.

Social Media is a great vehicle and medium for communication – but you have to know how to use it – find your voice and have something to say.

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