Control Facebook and Yahoo, don’t let them control you! PART 3

Online Security Issues: Most people are bit short sighted/lazy/careless when thinking about passwords.

For a start they usually use the same password for almost all their online accounts: Facebook, Twitter, email, Bank Account….. Bank Account??? – Come on have you not heard about identity fraud? On top of this, most people choose simple information about themselves to be their passwords, things like birthdays, children’s names and pet’s names, but they then give away that info free for everyone else to see on Facebook – That’s just nuts.

Don’t be most people – choose something different and don’t just have one password for all accounts. I would advise you not to put your date of birth on Facebook, because with your pet name password and your date of birth, that’s almost all you need to get into your bank account or credit card. But I know people like to get birthday wishes from their friends, (smiley face emoticon) so I’ll have to let you off if you have at least done your privacy settings…..

To be fair, most social media platforms do offer privacy settings and other security features, but most people just don’t use them either through ignorance or not being bothered enough to do anything about it. – Don’t be most people.

Your Children: It really is unwise to put your children’s names and details on a social media site. You could be putting them in danger. While you may have set your account to be for Friends only, who are all those friends? And how do you know that their accounts are secure?

Going on Holiday: Telling everyone that you are you are off to Ibiza for two weeks on holiday, (or for the Facebook photoshoot – see earlier post for reference) is just asking for someone to come round and break into your house. They will probably know what to steal from all the photos you’ve posted too.

Credit cards: You will probably find this hard to believe but there was a case recently of someone posting a photo of their new credit card on Facebook because they thought it looked cool. Yes this actually happened… and yes they got robbed!!!! Don’t do it!

You probably think I’m being too paranoid here, but bad guys are really out there. Don’t be most people!