Control Facebook and Yahoo, don’t let them control you! PART 2

Have you now changed your Facebook privacy settings ? OK, now something else……

On the subject of social media security, Facebook and Yahoo also let your friends know what videos or stories you have been looking at while on their site. Do you want all your “Friends” (average person has over 150 Facebook friends) to know that you just watched that “funny” video of people arguing in a supermarket, or someone’s top coming off in the street, or that article about plastic surgery?

Of course you don’t, but your friends will automatically be told unless you do something about it. To stop this go to the privacy settings again but this time click in to Choose Your Privacy Settings Apps, Games and Websites  And go down to Instant personalization. There are a number of well used sites that all swap information and let your “friends” see what you are looking at, including Trip Advisor.. UNCHECK the box below the list to stop this.

On Yahoo, that feature is called “Social” and you can have it ON or OFF. When you are logged in to Yahoo and click on a story to read, look towards the top right hand side and you will see You on Yahoo Lifestyle.  There is a drop down box with the option for SOCIAL ON or SOCIAL OFF. Please for goodness sake turn it to off.